Public Comment Period Guidelines

Town Council Public Comment Period Guidelines

To ensure that public comment periods are efficient and productive, the Pendleton Town Council will adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Only those who have signed the sign-up sheet, prior to the commencement of the meeting, will be permitted to speak. Individuals must provide their name, address, and topic of discussion.
  • Individuals will be called on in the order they signed in.
  • Individuals must come to the podium and state their name and address for the record.
  • Remarks shall be limited to no longer than five minutes per person.
  • The Clerk-Treasurer will keep time. At the end of your five minutes you will be asked to return to your seat.
  • No individual can forfeit their 5 minutes to someone else.
  • Comments will be directed to the Town Council and NOT to town employees, town staff, town attorney, or the audience.
  • Individuals may submit handout materials to the Town Council President during the meeting. The Town Council President will distribute copies to Council members and appropriate staff for review.
  • Individuals being disruptive will be asked to leave immediately or be escorted out.
  • The Town Council President may adjourn the meeting at any point due to disruptive outbursts.