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Marc began his career in law enforcement with the Henry County Juvenile Center then as supervisor of security for the Madison County Juvenile Center. He later joined the Pendleton Police Department as a reserve officer in 1995. After six months as a reserve officer he was hired full time and attended and graduated from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in 1996. Farrer was selected by his peers at the academy to represent them as their class president. He eventually rose through the ranks to position of Captain. Marc left the PD to take a position as a road deputy with the Madison County Sheriffs Department in 1998. During his eight years with the MCPD as a patrolman Farrer was appointed to the Madison County Crash Team, which is a specialized unit that investigates serious personal injury and fatality crashes. Farrer left the MCPD to return to the Pendleton Police Department in June 2006 to take the position of Captain and was hired by the Town Council to fill the position of Chief in July 2006. 

Farrer was elected to and served on the Pendleton Town Council from 1999 to 2006. He currently is a member of the Community Advisory Board for the correctional facilities, Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 48, the National Rifle Association and the Cadiz Christian Church. In 2005 while with the MCPD Farrer traveled to New Orleans/Jefferson Parrish in the wake of Hurricane Katrina to assist in enforcement efforts.

He is a graduate of Martinsville High School in 1987 and graduated from Ball State University in 1992 with a BGS degree.


Captain Lucas Traylor began his career as a Reserve Police Officer with the Elwood Police Department in August of 2012. In March of 2013, Captain Traylor was hired as a full time Officer with Elwood. While employed with the Elwood Police Department, Captain Traylor held the positions of Patrolman, Sergeant, Lieutenant and Detective. In December of 2018, Captain Traylor accepted a position with the Pendleton Police Department.

Captain Traylor is a certified General Instructor from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy as well a certified Field Training Officer. Captain Traylor has undergone many specialized training classes including the Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation, Advanced Course on the Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation and Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement. Most recently Captain Traylor has attended Desert Snow Criminal Interdiction training.

In 2021, Captain Traylor accepted the position of Captain for the Pendleton Police Department.


Sergeant Shane Isaacs started his career with the Pendleton Police Department as a reserve officer in 1996. He was promoted to a full time Officer on March 12, 1998 and attended the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy later that year. In 2002 Isaacs was promoted to Sergeant and is currently the evening shift supervisor.

Sergeant Isaacs is certified as a Generalist Instructor, Firearms Instructor and Rifle Instructor. 


Officer Mike Alford is a 1970 graduate of Pendleton Heights High School and a 1994 graduate of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. Officer Alford started his career as a Reserve Officer in 1986 and hired full-time in January of 1994. Through Officer Alford’s 30 plus years as a member of the        department, he has served as Sergeant and EVOC Instructor. Officer Alford currently maintains            certification as a breath test operator through the Indiana Department of Toxicology.

Officer Alford is assigned to evening shift and looks forward to serving the Town of Pendleton for many years to come.


Sergeant Stan Brown started his career with the Pendleton Police Department in 1996 as a reserve officer and was hired full time in 1998. Sergeant Brown graduated from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in October of 1999. Stan is the coordinator for the Police Bicycle Patrol, a certified rescue diver, Field Training Officer, and (VSA) certified Voice Examiner. 

Sergeant Brown is the Crime Scene Investigator for PPD and currently retains the title of Detective. Sergeant Brown is currently assigned to day shift and is the day shift supervisor over road patrolman.


Officer Sam Quiroga, a graduate of Pendleton Heights High School in 1999, began his career as a Reserve Officer for the Pendleton Police Department in May of 2008. Officer Quiroga was promoted to full time on May 24th, 2010, and graduated from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in December of 2010. Officer Quiroga is a certified Generalist Instructor, Emergency Vehicle Operations Instructor, Taser Instructor and Field Training Instructor. Officer Quiroga additionally maintains certifications for OC Aerosol Instructor, Strategies & Tactics of Patrol Stops Instructor and a certified BAC Datamaster operator.

In addition to Officer Quiroga's patrol duties, he also is the Training/Training Records Coordinator and Reserve Commander.


Officer Ryan Baker started his career at the Pendleton Police Department in 2009 as a Reserve Officer. In January of 2014 Officer Baker was hired full-time as the School Resource Officer for the South Madison School Corporation and currently assigned primarily to Pendleton Heights High School.

A graduate of the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy, Officer Baker also patrols when school is not in session.


Officer Scott Bertram is a successful graduate of Ball State University with a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice. Officer Bertram began his law enforcement career in 2007 with the Elwood Police Department. While at Elwood Police Department Officer Bertram was promoted to Sergeant of Detectives, Captain of Detectives, and Assistant Chief of Police. Officer Bertram next commenced his career at the Pendleton Police Department in 2014 where he is currently assigned to Day Shift Patrol. Officer Bertram is certified through the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy as a Generalist Instructor and Defensive Tactics Instructor.

Officer Bertram holds certifications for Evidence Room Technician, First Line Supervisor, Child Forensic Interviewing, Homicide Investigations and Special Victims Investigations. Officer Bertram additionally serves as a Special Victim Crimes investigator for the department. 


Officer Nathaniel Carpenter, a 1997 graduate of Yorktown High School, embarked on his career at the Pendleton Police Department as a Reserve Officer in 2015. Officer Carpenter expanded his             experience in the criminal justice field as an employee at the Delaware County Sheriff Department (Jail Division) and the Madison County Youth Center (Juvenile Detention).

In September of 2018 Officer Carpenter accepted a part-time position for the South Madison Community School Corporation as a School Resource Officer. Officer Carpenter held this role until offered full-time employment as a Patrolman at the Pendleton Police Department in November of 2018. Officer Carpenter graduated from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in September of 2019 and is assigned to evening shift patrol.


Officer Jerry Branson is a Muncie, Indiana native who is a Veteran from the United States Coast Guard and a Graduate of the University of Indianapolis with a degree in Computer Science in 1999.  Officer Branson’s Technology degree landed him at Madison County Government center in 2001, when he has hired as a Senior Programmer.  Officer Branson was promoted to Information Technology Director and served in that capacity bringing many Technology and Radio upgrades and enhancements to the world of Public Safety in Madison County.  Officer Branson resigned from Madison County to focus on his passion for a career in Law Enforcement and was hired by the Elwood Police Department in May of 2017 as the first ever Public Safety Systems Administrator/Patrolman, graduating from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in February of 2018.  Officer Branson served honorably in that capacity until April, 2021 when he joined the Pendleton Police Department.  Officer Branson is instrumental in Madison County regarding Public Safety Software, as a Software specialist and still participates in designing new systems and training for all Police Officers in Madison County.  Officer Branson is assigned to night shift.

Officer Branson is married and has four Children and two grandchildren.  Officer Branson is                 committed to his work as a Police Officer and works tirelessly enhance his skills to better serve the Citizens of Pendleton.  Officer Branson is assigned to night shift.


Officer Matthew Eby began his career with the Indiana Department of Corrections in Plainfield, Indiana as a Corrections Officer in 2002. During that time Officer Eby was assigned to various units and was a Field training Officer. Officer Eby transferred to the Reception Diagnostic Center in 2010. In 2012 Officer Eby accepted the position of Parole Agent in Marion County.

Officer Eby accepted the position of Police Officer with the Ingalls Police Department in 2013 as a Reserve Patrolman. Officer Eby accepted a full-time position in 2017 and completed the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in 2018. Officer Eby was promoted to Detective Sargent in 2020. While with Ingalls PD Officer Eby oversaw evidence processing and handling and the field training program,            assisted with hiring new officers, and investigated various crimes.

In 2021 Officer Eby applied and accepted a full-time position with the Pendleton Police Department. Officer Eby is currently assigned to night shift.


Officer Shane Briggs is a U.S. Army Veteran who started his Indiana Law Enforcement career in 1999 with the Indiana Department of Corrections.  While employed with the IDOC, Officer Briggs held many positions including Special Operations and Internal Affairs. 

Officer Briggs was hired as a Reserve Officer with the Edgewood Police Department in September of 2004, and was hired as a full-time officer with the EPD in June of 2009.  In April of 2010, Officer Briggs was promoted to Captain with EPD, and held that position until accepting a Patrolman’s         position with Pendleton Police Department in May of 2023.

Officer Briggs is a certified General Instructor by the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board, and is also a certified Taser instructor.  Officer Briggs is currently assigned to night shift and enjoys              patrolling the Town of Pendleton and interacting with our residents.