For Residents

Pendleton, Indiana’s pleasant atmosphere isn’t the byproduct of a few lucky moves. It’s the result of a lot of work, by countless dedicated people, over the course of many years. Today, Pendleton has established itself as one of Central Indiana’s most attractive places to live.


Considering all it has to offer, that’s completely natural.


Pendleton is a walkable, pedestrian-friendly town that boasts great schools and other assets typically associated with larger cities; things like an expansive park system, a public golf course, and a top-tier library.  There’s also a diverse range of housing opportunities in Pendleton as well, so a wider range of people can look forward to calling this place home.


Plus, in Pendleton, nothing is more important than the wellbeing our citizens. The town is safe. And its emergency services are elite. 


All things considered, the beauty of Pendleton, Indiana extends well beyond its tree-lined streets and picturesque waterfall. To learn more, just contact us.