For Developers

As Pendleton has established itself as one of Central Indiana’ best places to live and work, it’s become a magnet for development. We welcome the change, and we’re committed to handling it in a way that leverages new opportunities while preserving the small town feel that attracted so many people here in the first place. 


Developers – whether they’re interested in residential or business projects – like the fact that Pendleton is close to Indianapolis, features easy access to state highways and interstates, and boasts abundant utilities.


Business Developers in particular are interested in the streamlined, efficient planning process Pendleton offers. Of course, tax abatements and tax increment financing (TIFs) make Pendleton look even more attractive. Factor in the area’s existing industrial parks, abundant employee pool and quality emergency services and Pendleton jumps to the top of any developer’s wish list of potential locations. To learn more, just contact us.