Falls Park

Why would a small Central Indiana town set aside over 150 acres of land for public use? After all, that’s well beyond what you’d typically find in a town of this size. The answer: because this isn’t a typical town.


The falls on Fall Creek are a part of Pendleton’s heritage. For nearly two centuries, it’s been the focal point of life here. It only made sense, then, to preserve the area. The falls are at the heart of an expansive park that features nature trails, an Olympic-size swimming pool, meeting facilities, a historical museum, and much more.


Falls Park has been the setting for picturesque weddings, family reunions, and countless good memories. So much so the it’s more than recreation area – it’s a part of who we are.


For more information on Falls Park and all the events held there please visit their website. Click here to visit Fallspark.org