Public Safety

Fire Department

The Pendleton Fire Department is responsible for fire protection services in Pendleton and all of Fall Creek Township. The Department is a 100% volunteer organization.

Fire ChiefEmail

100 South Broadway  |  P.O. Box 230  |  Pendleton, IN 46064  |  765-778-2400 (Non-Emergency)

Police Department

The Pendleton Police Department is responsible for the protection of persons and property, enforcement of laws, suppression of crime, and observation of citizens’ constitutional rights.

Police ChiefEmail

550 North Pendleton Avenue  |  Pendleton, IN 46064  |  765-778-3933 (Non-Emergency)

Pendleton Emergency Ambulance, Inc.

Pendleton Emergency Ambulance (PEA) is a private ground ambulance company offering cost effective, high-quality Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulance services in the Town of Pendleton and surrounding areas. PEA works closely with the Pendleton Fire Department.

Since 1983, PEA has partnered with the Pendleton Heights High School to provide the High School Rookie Program. Eligible high school seniors are trained as emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and participate with PEA EMTs and paramedics.

Donnie Meyer
Basic Life Support (BLS) Chief
Cory Moore
Advanced Life Support (ALS) Chief

100 South Broadway Street  |  P.O. Box 165  |  Pendleton, IN 46064  |  765-778-2400 (Non-Emergency)