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People get involved here. They serve on boards, volunteer their time, and look for ways to continue to build on Pendleton’s rich heritage. Whether you’re looking for a way to play an active role in Pendleton’s future or simply to make your voice heard, we support you.

To get involved, contact the Planning Department at 765-778-8370 or

Town Council

An elected five-person council serves as the legislative and executive body of the Town of Pendleton. The Council’s primary responsibility is allocating the Town’s annual budget.  Meeting agendas and minutes can be found here.

Council members are elected for a four-year term, and each year the Council nominates a president and vice president. Council meetings are held the second Thursday of each month at 6 pm at the Pendleton Town Hall. These meetings are open to the public.  To determine your district and representative, please click here.

Pendleton Code of Ordinances is a collection of Ordinances passed by the Town Council, by which certain activities of our population are governed. The code and ordinances set forth the rules and regulations for a variety of situations and issues, including nuisance issues like overgrown weeds or abandoned vehicles. The code and ordinances also provide regulation for building construction, fire prevention, historic preservation, health and sanitation, and business activities.  The regulatory issues covered by the code of ordinances help to make our community safe, clean, appealing, and healthy.

membersemailDistrictTerm Expiration
Robert Jones
Council President 3
Chad Wolfe
Council Vice President Large
Chet 1
Jessica Large12/31/2018
Mike 2

100 West State Street  |  P.O. Box 230  |  Pendleton, IN 46064  |  765-778-2173


The Clerk-Treasurer is the keeper of the Town of Pendleton’s official public records and is the Chief Financial Officer of the Town of Pendleton. The Clerk-Treasurer is elected for a four-year term of office and is responsible for the financial well-being of our local government.  You can visit the Clerk-Treasurer’s department page here.

Clerk-TreasurerEmailTerm Expiration

100 West State Street  |  PO Box 358  |  Pendleton, IN 46064  |  765-778-7937

Town Judge

The Pendleton Town Court was created by local ordinance. The Town Judge is elected for a four-year term of office and is vested with the powers, duties, and responsibilities provided by the laws of the state to judges of town courts. The Town Judge is bound by all applicable codes and ethics of judicial conduct and administration. You can visit the Court’s website here.

JudgeEmailTerm Expiration
George Gasparovicjudge@pendletontowncourt.org12/31/19

100 West State Street  |  P.O. Box 396  |  Pendleton, IN 46064  |  765-778-0772