Emergency services

Reliable emergency services are a cornerstone of any healthy town. When a community is safe – and when people know top-notch personnel are always ready to respond – there’s an underlying confidence that supports growth and prosperity.

Pendleton Police Department

The members of the Pendleton Police Department work with integrity and professionalism to protect the lives and property of the people they serve. They’re a highly visible symbol of the town’s commitment to the wellbeing of the people and businesses that reside here. To visit the Pendleton Police Department web site, click here.

Pendleton Fire Department

Pendleton’s fire department is widely considered to be among the best in Indiana. That’s especially impressive when you consider it’s a 100% volunteer organization. The department serves all of Pendleton and several nearby communities with a complete lineup of modern engines, rescue trucks, tankers and of course – dedicated people. Jeff Moore is the chief of the Pendleton Fire Department.

Pendleton Emergency Ambulance

Like the fire department, Pendleton Emergency Ambulance offers 24/7/365 service. Ambulance crews consist of both paid and volunteer members. One of the most remarkable aspects of the program is that a paramedic is on duty all day, every day (most smaller towns rely on EMT-led crews).  Donnie Meyer is the chief of Pendleton Emergency Ambulance.